Right now we are in post-production. We plan to release the film later in 2016. Until then subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications and exclusive bonus material.

After a film festival run we will release A Thousand Moments Later film via direct distribution right here!



The Movie – Buy now $12.99. Rent $7.99

Download or rent the feature film. Download for $12.99 or rent for 48 hours for $7.99.

Special Edition – Buy now $19.99

Download the feature film plus bonus videos:

  1. Directors commentary.
  2. Interviews with the Actors.
  3. PDF of the screenplay.

Deluxe Edition – Buy now $99

Download the feature film plus more than 10+ hours of bonus content:

  1. Anatomy of a Scene x 5.
  2. 40min+ Making Of video including rehearsals of key scenes.
  3. PDF of the screenplay.
  4. Directors read through of the screenplay together with a discussion into process of writing the film (audio only)
  5. Directors commentary – focusing on performance and themes.
  6. Technical Directors commentary – focusing on how we shot it…gear etc.
  7. Interviews with Actors.
  8. Screencast of the edit (Clarke talks you through his editing process via a screencast).


Athousandmomentslater poster

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