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View Full Version : Escort Reports. Anyone have reviews for the massage girl from Mardi gras in Springfield. The Indian one Nadia She is a escort on the side but it isn't cheap. And you have to do the whole screening thing.

Just want to see if she is worth it. Saw this girl about 3 weeks ago.

Escort near Pittsfield MA

She stated bbj, daty, full serv. Instead gave CBJ, no kissing no daty allowed, she rides and she is cute saggy butt nice vj but she lied so no repeat here. Which girl?

There was no link. New to the business. Pictures make her look much BBW than she is.

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Very sweet girl, great kisser, great tongue. If you think Leigh is great, she is much better, and cheaper.

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Less dramatics. CFS in between. Read she does Greek. Sorry but kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel there.

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She is just as BBW as the pics suggest. The rest of the review is more or less accurate.

Pittsfield MA Escorts

I was recently feeling bored with cash burning a hole in my pocket. Made the call to this BBW. Quoted me rate for QV. Made the trek to crappy notel on Rt 5. Get to said notel to see this white trash grifter wearing a Capt. America t-shirt on the phone at the entrance of parking lot.

Escort near Pittsfield MA

I just knew this lowlife was somehow involved with this wench. Sure enough. She's on the phone too peeking out of the room to this jerk off.

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Pull in feeling ill at ease. Should of just bailed. Upon seeing her was less than impressed. Seems ok girl not under influence but definitely heavy with gut and about a 5 out of Wants me to grab boob 4 cop check.

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Asks for donation upfront. Strike two. Give it to her.


She goes outside telling me she won't rip me off and proceeds to scream "Hey" to said pimp. He comes over and starts yelling some crap back to her. Totally off putting.

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But now my money has left the building so I'm sort of stuck at this point. She pulls out deflated tits and proceeds to give me head. Wasn't terrible but I couldn't get it out of my head that this loser was standing outside the door waiting for me to finish.

As she's sucking her phone is blowing up and after 15 minutes I say forget it as my little head wasn't cooperating. She apologizes for not getting me off and promises next time will be much better. Yeah right. As I leave, lo and behold, said pimp standing right outside the door. Wanted to kick him in the balls but thought better of it. Yeah a real superhero pimping out his fat baby mama to score some smack.

Avoid would be my recommendation. So tired of the druggies and pimps consuming the game.

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Not ideal nor satisfying in any sense of the word. My two cents.

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Just to be fair, yes, she is BBW. But her performance with me was awesome. I long ago learned to ignore pimps and other benign distractions and make sure to get my full value.

Total off putting. First of all, Jocelyn is a total sweetheart.

Escort near Pittsfield MA

I've seen her before and she remembered me. I arranged for a half hour visit at a very reasonable donation. Her room smelled of cigarettes, but she let me use an air freshener to clear the air.

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We undressed and got on the bed. We started kissing each other while our hands wandered and explored each other.

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I always enjoy GFE visits and Jocelyn did not disappoint. She did a great job of getting me excited for the main event. I suggested she get on top and ride me. She gave me a quick BBBJ and then suited me up.

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She climbed on top and started to gently ride me. She leaned down and started kissing me. What an amazing woman! We made love for almost 10 minutes before I blew in the bag. When we finished, we just laid there, holding each other.

It was amazing.

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Jocelyn is such a sweetheart and a phenomenal person. Please treat her well. On my visit, I was early, but she let me in. He was in the bathroom but left shortly. She said he is her brother She gave him the money and said to pay for the room. Didn't she go by Claire before? Yes she in fact told me the same thing that he was her brother.

If that was actually true I think it would be worse than if it were her baby daddy.

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