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This article explores the question: what kind of relationship problems do bisexual people experience as a result bi-negative attitudes? It explores stereotypical representations of bisexuality focusing on bisexual identity, intimacy, and sexuality.

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Bisexuals are often cast as highly problematic or risky lovers or partners. Bisexual intimacies face erasure through invisibility, misrecognition through distortion, or condemnation through moral devaluation.

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The article locates the origin of common discourses on bisexual people's psychic deficiency, personal incapacity, and lack of loyalty in heteronormative and bi-negative conceptualizations of sexuality. The author is grateful for the feedback received in response to academic paper presentations on the issues that he deals with in this article. In particular, the author would like to thank the participants of the International Bisexual Research Conference in London August 26, and the staff and postgraduate research students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong who attended a seminar presentation of mine at the Department of Sociology June 26, The author would further like to thank Helen Hok-Sze Leung for stimulating conversations about the concept of bisexuality and Chiara Addis for her feedback on an earlier draft of this article.

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He has published widely on sexuality, intimacy, body modification, sexual politics and research methodology. He is author of The Spectre of Promiscuity.

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He is co-editor of a special issue on Polyamory of Sexualities9 5 December I am usually quite reluctant to use the term sexual orientation because it comes along with quite a heavy essentialist baggage, as revealed in the common usage of the concept in the fields of biology, psychology, law and human rights politics Waites, Udis-Kessler, A. Seattle, WA : Seal Press. More recent research puts a stronger emphasis on the possibility of consolidation and reconciliation Buxton, Butler, J.

Undoing genderLondon,UK : Routledge.

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The others side of the closet. Same-sex Intimacies. Families of choice and other life experimentsLondon,UK : Routledge.

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There are indicators that this situation is slowly changing M. British bisexuality: A snapshot of bisexual identities in the UK. Judith Butler's critique of gender and sexuality duality can be utilized to theorize bi-negativity, even if, as Clare Hemmings Haritaworn, J. Hartmann, C. KlesseWagenknecht, P. Wiesbaden,Germany : VS Verlag. The rejection of homosexuality and bisexuality is deeply engrained in many social settings and many people's worldview and psyche.

This means that some friends and family may never be accepting of a bi or queer identity or a bi or queer way of life. This may be the source of painful separations.

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Families of choice: Patterns of non-heterosexual relationships. Same-sex marriage is currently only possible in the following countries: BelgiumSpainCanadaSouth AfricaNorwayand Sweden Many states have introduced other forms of legal recognition for same-sex relationships or sometimes, more general, non-married couple relationships which differ vastly in their legal details.

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Contexts for Biphobia, Bi-Negativity. s Published online: 10 Jun Acknowledgments The author is grateful for the feedback received in response to academic paper presentations on the issues that he deals with in this article.

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