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Urban environmental governance is often hampered by social institutions being poorly aligned with fragmented ecosystems. Bottom-up approaches have been argued to address this problem of social-ecological fit, but there is a lack of empirical understanding of how local initiatives might emerge and spread in a way that enhances fit.

We study a system of hydrologically interconnected lakes in Bengaluru, which public authorities have largely failed to protect resulting in many degraded lakes and Local Sluts Comerio PR societal and ecological benefits that the system of lakes provides. Local residents have, largely in response to these failures, formed lake groups and convinced municipal actors to recognize them as partners that share management responsibilities for certain lakes.

These initiatives have inspired others to follow suit and work with lakes elsewhere in the city, hence triggering the question whether local lake groups in this way contribute to a better social—ecological fit at a broader landscape scale.

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This study mixes quantitative social—ecological network analysis with interviews to analyze fit and describe the processes by which lake management can be shaped to match ecosystem structure. In the wake of this, a new generation of collaborative lake groups is emerging, where lakes are often managed more holistically by recognizing them to be part of the larger network of Local Sluts Comerio PR.

The analysis identifies key lake groups that are instrumental to shaping the spread of the bottom-up driven initiatives in ways that aligns with the interconnected nature of the lake system. This is a process that relies on acknowledgement and support from public authorities, but is primarily driven by local actors. By describing this process of innovation and diffusion, the study contributes important lessons on how to enhance fit between governance arrangements and the ecosystem on which cities depend.

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Sediment denitrification rates seem to be lower in tropical environments than in temperate environments. Using the isotope pairing technique, we measured actual denitrification rates in the sediment of tropical coastal lagoons. Sediment potential O2 consumption was used as a proxy for overall mineralization activity. Actual denitrification rates and different potential nitrogen N oxidation and reduction processes were ificantly correlated with potential O2 consumption.

The majority of these patterns could be explained by variations in the microbial environments from stable and largely oxic conditions at low sediment mineralization sites to Local Sluts Comerio PR variable conditions and the prevalences of anaerobic microorganisms at high sediment mineralization sites. Furthermore, the presence of algal and microbial mats on the sediment had a ificant effect on all studied processes.

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We propose a theoretical model based on low and high sediment mineralization rates to explain the growth, activity, and distribution of microorganisms carrying out denitrification and DNRA in sediments that can explain the dominance or coexistence of DNRA and denitrification processes.

The presented here show that the potential activity of anaerobic nitrate-reducing organisms is not dependent on the availability of environmental NO3. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. The early Tertiary Paleocene and Eocene family Presbyornithidae is one of the most completely known group of fossil birds. Essentially all parts of the skeleton are represented in the fossil record, allowing a thorough analysis of the phylogenetic position of the family.

Forty-two families of nonpasserine birds representing the orders Ciconiiformes, Anseriformes, Galliformes, Gruiformes and Charadriiformes, were included in a cladistic analysis Local Sluts Comerio PR 71 skeletal characters. The ly suggested anseriform affinity of the Presbyornithidae was confirmed. Furthermore, the family proved to be closer to the Anatidae than to the Anhimidae or Anseranatidae.

The many postcranial similarities with certain charadriiform birds as the Burhinidae, obviously are plesiomorphies. By this observation, a better undestanding of character evolution in nonpasserine skeletal morphology is gained.

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The often suggested close relationship of anseriform and galliform birds is not confirmed by osteology. Instead, the Anseriformes and the Phoenicopteridae form a monophyletic clade that is the sister to the remaining ciconiiform birds.

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This result renders the Ciconiiformes sensu Wetmore polyphyletic. C The Linnean Society of London.


This study investigates how the estimated thickening of the active layer will affectthe soil organic carbon in permafrost soils. The focus lies on estimating how muchof the upper permafrost soil organic carbon will be affected by the active layerdeepening due to global warming, on what timescale the deepening will take placeand if the estimated changes differ depending on the extent of permafrost in theregion. This indicatesan increase from approximately 0.

The change is more gradual in the isolated and thesporadic permafrost zones and more abrupt in the continuous and discontinuous regions. Stormwater is a valuable resource but with climate change and changed precipitation it may cause problems in urban environments. With increasing urbanisation more land becomes exploited which can not naturally manage stormwater and solve the problems. The purpose with this study is to demonstrate the Local Sluts Comerio PR of green infrastructure to manage stormwater.

The stormwater systems this study includes are different forms of green infrastructure; green areas, swales, ponds and wetlands. They manage stormwater, have different pros and cons and are various good at meeting the selected ecosystem services; balancing stormwater peaks, sewage treatment and groundwater recharge. Wetlands stand out as the best at meeting the ecosystem services balancing stormwater peaks and sewage treatment.

Green areas are best with groundwater recharge. To be able to plan and construct a Swedish society that is well prepared for geological hazards, Local Sluts Comerio PR government need to know about past event that has happened during the history, so they know how to plan for the future. Highly possible events that will happen are flooding, landslides, volcanic gases in the atmosphere and earthquakes.

Flooding is the hazard that we need to consider most when we construct new infrastructure and buildings in the future. When the ground is saturated with water another problem will be even more common, and that is a bigger frequency of landslides. The most dramatic consequence that would occur is from volcanic gases that go up into the atmosphere at an eruption, these can change the climate and create acid rain far away from the volcanic source.

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Therefore is it very important to carefully consider where, and when big earthquakes have occurred since the last glaciation. Quarries result in great environmental interference. There are different ways to de the restoration plan and what must be taken into. Due to cultural heritage in the quarry, the possible geological value and the fact that the shale-quarry is located in an alpine environment makes it difficult to determine the course of action.

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The aim of this paper is to determine what best way is to restore the shale-quarry due to geological values, nature values, cultural heritage, esthetical values and risk and safety. This was done by qualitative semi-structured interviews and a literature study of reports on restoration of quarries.

Upon restoration, it can be valuable to preserve interesting strata in the quarry for research and educational purposes. The biodiversity should be favored and slopes, heaps of stone blocks and pools of Local Sluts Comerio PR can create favorable environments. Older parts of the quarry that represent a cultural heritage should be preserved and precautions should be taken to prevent people from getting injured in the quarry.

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This could be done by line out the steep walls in the quarry or blast out a protective step in the stone wall that prevent people from falling down. A restoration plan that is taking into all the aspects is not possible because a species inventory must be initiated. When the inventory is complete the course of action can be decided and how the other aspects can be part of the restoration plan. Two assemblages from the Ordovician rocks of the Arctic region contain exclusively trepostome bryozoans.

Both species possess thick-branched ramose colonies characteristic for rather high energy environments. The second assemblage comes from two localities of the Stroinaya Formation Upper Ordovician of the October Revolution Island containing the single species Amplexopora angusta Astrova, The monospecific bryozoan fauna of branched, rarely encrusting growth forms and sedimentological characteristics of embedding rocks floatstone suggest low energy conditions in deeper environments, apparently accompanied by high salinity conditions.

An old landfill in the area, partly consisting of autoclaved aerated concrete siporexis intended to be used for constructing the new industrial site.

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The conditions for how the material can be used is, however, controlled by a variety of parameters. This is a part study of the evaluation of how the masses should be treated. The purpose of this study is to evaluate how the presence of siporex affects the mobility of arsenic and lead in the landfill area. Soil and groundwater samples from 10 sample points from the landfill area were collected and analyzed for its metal content.

No correlation could be found between the influence of siporex and mobility of lead in this study.

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Further studies are needed in a controlled environment to assess how siporex affects the mobility of arsenic and lead. In this study, we develop three estimators to optimally combine seismic and gravimetric models of Moho surface. The first estimator combines them by their special harmonic coefficients; the second one uses the spherical harmonic coefficients of the seismic model and use integral formula for the gravimetric one. The third estimator uses the gravity anomaly and converts its low frequencies to those of the gravimetric Moho model, meanwhile combining them with those of seismic one.

The kernel of the integral involving the gravity anomalies, developed for recovering high frequencies of Moho, is written in a closed-from formula and its singularity is investigated. This kernel is well-behaving and decreases fast, meaning that it is suitable for recovering the high frequencies of the Moho surface.

The death toll was large: miners died, of whom were Italian.

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This article studies the transnational impact of that event by combining theoretical frameworks from both risk studies and European integration literature, with a specific focus on the European Coal and Steel Community ECSC. After the catastrophe, numerous actors shifted the question of blame from an individual and national level to the European level. Mining risks were discussed as a structural and European issue.

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Furthermore, the ECSC saw the disaster as an opportunity for more European integration in new domains, most notably social policy. An intergovernmental conference in placed new policy areas, such as the harmonization of technical standards, emergency management, working conditions, wages and arrangements for foreign labourers on the political agenda.

The conference and the body that was founded after it - the Mines Safety Commission - are often portrayed as failures because they did not manage to complete this ambitious social agenda. Still, the Marcinelle accident had a long-lasting impact on the way in which risks and disasters were managed on the European level. The implemented and established institutions and practices within the High Authority remained influential in the decades to come.

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